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Laura K. Robinson

creation and discovery

Laura K Robinson
26 October 1981
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I am a web comic artist. I work on Friday Knights with my husband (Wil Robinson) and our close friend (Michael E. Gans). They mostly write, and I mostly draw. The lines get a little blurry with me writing sometimes and they throwing in formatting preferences. It is our creation.

I also work in polymer clay and have some things for sale at Strangely Cute.

I am in school studying to become a nurse. This after trying a career in Psychology and deciding it had too much paperwork, too little science/actually helping people and also too little money. I want to be useful and be compensated for my time, so nursing seems to be the way to go.

I can never decide between science and art, so I've decided that I will have both in as many forms as I can fit. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing, role playing, and pursuing geeky activities with my friends.

This journal is mostly for people that I know in real life. I plan on starting a formal blog soon, and when I do I will link it here, along with any other projects I am involved with.

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